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It’s not always easy. Designed and Printed in the USA.

Citizen Pride - Designed and Printed in the USA

We’re a small, family-owned business competing with very large flag companies. They have the advantage of ordering high quantities with offshore manufacturers, particularly in China, for a fraction of the cost of the same quality flags made here in the States. Unfortunately, many foreign countries have much looser standards when it comes to labor and the environment. Many times the artists aren’t even American!

We work hard to keep production here. Our flags are printed in North Carolina and our packaging products, here in Maryland. We make customer service a priority and hope you know that we’re always open to your feedback in order to improve quality and your overall experience.

Our original designs are created by Joe Barsin and we’re grateful that they are well received by you, keeping us competitive with the ‘big boys.’
Please continue to support small businesses such as ours this holiday season. Buying local is more important than you think and we sincerely THANK YOU!