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Thumbs up from The Terrapin Institute of Maryland

Feeling humbled and appreciative to receive such accolades from The Terrapin Institute. We respect their dedication in recovering and protecting these animals and look forward to working with them.

LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS, especially the diamondback terrapin. Your depiction of the species is the best by far. I am founder of the Terrapin Institute which is dedicated to the conservation of our State reptile throughout its range. As part of our efforts we design and install "Terrapin Gardens" as a means to provide nesting sites for terrapins. I would love to give a flag to our clients to place at their garden. 
Thankfully your design and product line is perfect for our mission and allows us to focus on our conservation duties. Years ago. I joked with the University of Maryland over their version of terrapin (more like a box turtle) and tried to persuade them to design a more accurate herpetological interpretation of our beloved mascot ... Still waiting.
— Marguerite Whildren