Fans! -

When a fender-blender can be quite pleasant(?)

OK - we all know fender-benders of any kind suck but in this case, the woman involved with me was very kind. We were both in our workout clothes and talked about our kids. Luckily, nobody was hurt and the worse of the damage to our car was to our CBT license plate. When I mentioned to the Officer how ironic it was because we designed it he said, “Oh! You’re Citizen Pride! I have a few of your flags!! I love what you guys do.”

We are proud to be citizens here in Anne Arundel County, MD, and reminded how very good most people are. ....

Meet Cpl. McClellan’s sweet, 1-yr old daughter. She’s an AA county girl who loves crabs and water.

SO! Remember that cool cop we mentioned yesterday who helped us with our ‘lil fender-bender?

Cpl. Brian McClellan also happens to be a Citizen Pride fan! We are humbled and honored and want to again thank him and his partner, Cpl. D. Holquist, for all they do ~EVERYDAY~ to serve and protect our community.

We appreciate and respect our law enforcement as they truly are the finest example of what makes us proud citizens.