USA Donkey Large House Flag by Joe Barsin, 28x40

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Printed in the USA. This vibrant quality flag is a tribute to the famous Democrat Donkey. The use of the American flag helps to showcase this majestic animal and the Democratic Party. This flag, illustrated by Joe Barsin of Annapolis, MD, makes for a great addition to the front door, porch, dock or boat. We hope you enjoy this flag or, you may prefer, our Republican Elephant flag. In either case, here is a little history behind the Democrat Donkey. Political cartoonist Thomas Nast is credited with making the donkey the recognized symbol of the Democratic Party. It first appeared in a cartoon in Harper's Weekly in 1870. The public was immediately taken by it and by 1880 it had become the unofficial symbol of the party.
  • Double-sided. Sleeves/pockets at the top. No Grommets.
  • Vivid Color Process, Permanently Dyed, Water Proof, Fade and Mildew Resistant
  • 100% 300 Denier Polyester
  • Illustrated by Maryland artist, Joe Barsin and printed in the USA.
  • Officially licensed Citizen Pride® product.